Attending Justin and Mary's What Next Tour

On a cold wintry January evening I attended a workshop called Justin and Mary’s “What Next Tour” at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland.  The main focus for Mary’s portion was helping photographers with their business.  Mary has been by far the most inspirational speaker I have ever listened to. The workshop was well organized and not only did I walk away inspired but I can now say I have a business plan.  She gave everyone a road map, so to speak, on how to overcome the fear of our dreams and turning it into reality.  The steps to creating a business plan and how to grab focus in order to achieve those goals were outlined.  Often times I find myself waxing and waning on how I felt about having a business.  My parents have been business owners for as long as I can remember.  They never gave up even to this day.  Mary spoke about her personal life and I felt that it so much mirrored some parts of my own life that I really felt a connection.  She was so inspirational in her speaking and the one line sentence she said that probably changed my world forever was when she said, “The more you ask, the more doors will open for you.” There were a gazillion more motivational quotes than just that sentence in Mary’s portion of the workshop but that’s the one that is resonating even at 5 am as I’m typing this blog.So this was probably icing on the cake for me and he doesn’t even know it!  I had no idea David Jay would be there!  For those of you who don’t know David Jay is he is the genius who is behind ShowIt and Pass. PASS is a way for photographers to give digital photos to their clients.  Mary showed us the new up and coming PASS 2.0 and explained the new look and easy to use features that are supposed to be mom (and dad) friendly.  Brides and grooms (or other clients) will be able to easily share their galleries which just a few clicks, literally. Back to what I wanted to say about David Jay…one time I told a friend that if I ever ran into David Jay I was going to have a smart conversation with him about being in the photography business.  I was in a rush to run out the door I caught a glimpse of of him and yes, just about died.  I thought to myself I can either run out like I planned or stop to introduce myself as I knew he was from California and I’d probably never see him again.  So I approached him to introduce myself (and probably spoke a mile a minute) and you want to know what I ended up asking him?  I asked if I could have a picture with him.  I didn’t have what I REALLY wanted to say to him ready because I didn’t know he’d be there but since I follow him on Facebook I made some small silly talk about his new car and what his plans were during his stay in the DC area….and wore a cheesy smile on my face the entire drive home.

Best workshop EVER!!!