National Gallery of Art Wedding Portraits: Washington DC

Congratulations to Judit and Ansoo on their first week of marriage! This couple shared with me a magical love story where they met in Berlin when Ansoo was on a business trip. After listening to their story I do believe if you do not go looking for love it will come looking for you when your stars are ready to align. While taking their photos I kept thinking to myself Ansoo must have fallen in love with Judit's perfect Hungarian complexion as I could not really see a drop of makeup on her flawless face. Their wedding was an intimate affair which began with a civil ceremony at the H. Carl Moultrie Courthouse followed by portraits at the National Gallery of Art. Coincidentally the rally for the March for Life also fell on the same day. The major streets adjacent to the art gallery were closed off during the rally, so lucky for Judit and Ansoo, I was able to capture their final images while the US Capitol served as the background. I hope you enjoy their photos as much as I do. ~xoxo Amy